Monday, September 15, 2008


A lot of this past week has been spent thinking about the daily lives of Filipinos. I'm a little out of the ordinary, but here's how my day goes:

5:30am Get up to jog--on those ambitious days.
6:30am Get up on those less ambitious days to prep for the day
7:00am Breakfast--Usually eggs, corned beef, rice, and maybe a fruit
7:45am Off to Hiligaynon class
8:00am Class with my clustermates
12 noon Lunch--again rice, maybe chicken or pork
1:00pm Teach at my school
3:00pm Finish teaching a walk home
3:30pm Get home, change, and fill the void. I've spent a lot of time just waiting. its hard to know what is going to happen from day to day and so after I'm done with my responsibilities I usually just hang out and wait for something to happen. I've already read 4 books in this time--I only brought 6!
7:30pm Dinner. This is the only time where my whole family is together. Usually 7 of us eat together with the TV on. Because we eat late, we also have to make sure we don't miss shows like Pinoy Dream Academy (like American Idol) and Dyosa--my least favorite show. Its the idiotic adventures of a girl who has god-like powers. There's as lot of crappy special effects and faux-cgi.
8:30pm We finish dinner and then hang out. Sometimes I drink with my host father-always just two bottles (PC Rules)! We also do a lot of videokee. Filipinos love to sing, so of course they love kareokee. My mother is a very good singer and likes to rub it in that her score is always higher than mine, even though i have a "master's in music".
9:30-10 Bed. Its sad to say, but if I'm up past 10 I'm pretty much useless the next day.

And that's how it goes. As you can see, life is fairly uneventful. If i want to spice things up I can take the 30 minute jeep ride into the city and go to the mall or see the americans who live in the city. I love where I live because I have the relaxed country lifestyle, but the city is close at hand. Life is simple right now and I'm certainly relishing in it. Something more interesting and topical for next post. Promise!

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rachel fitz said...

i've been having a lot of "i wish justin was here" moments. i'm so glad you're having a good time, but i still miss you!! videokee sounds freaking amazing. count me in.