Friday, February 5, 2010

Back Again


Wow! its been a long time since that last post about Thanksgiving.

I guess I've been staying away from the blog in order to recollect my thoughts, get some new material, and re-evaluate why I'm keeping this account. For about a week I've actually been WANTING to write something, which stands as a drastic change from before when it was a sort of obligatory gesture to some audience I am probably pretending myself into having...

More to come soon

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Amanda said...

Hi Justin, happy to have belated discovered your blog! I saw another article about this woman, and found the story unfortunate. Nonetheless I reasoned that 1)her language must sound very little like the one spoken 65,000 years ago, and 2) linguistic diversity is not at risk when you have people like me who have been making up their own original languages since age 8.

Regarding you efforts to learn the local language, I think that would look even more impressive on paper since it's clear you've learned it for reasons beyond personal ambition.

(That said, let me get back to my modern standard Arabic homework!)