Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh God, A Blog

Its a situation I think we've all been in. The over-zealous traveler wants a sort of cyber-umbilical cord to connect them to the mother of their previous, untraveled, life. In four years as an undergrad I was easily on ten different email lists of people leaving for study abroad, summer camps, or other only slightly interesting endeavors. I probably got about ten emails from those lists combined. That's cool, I get it. Traveling is actually a lot more fun that writing about traveling.
I can't say for sure that I can do much better than what I've encountered before, but I figure it won't hurt anyone to try. The goal is to get a few months of practice in before I leave the country. That way, by the time I get there I'll be used to keeping up with this thing, and it won't die out once I realize I have better things to do.
Anyhow, I guess that's what you can expect out of me: nothing too fancy, a decent amount of effort, and some honesty. I'm positive the next two years are going to be fun and interesting and challenging, so if you're into that kind of thing maybe come along for the ride.


Caro said...

But I wanted fancy lies.

Connie Hoover said...

haha, that's exactly how I'm feeling about my own blog! I'm Connie, I'm leaving for the Philippines in August as well.