Sunday, June 8, 2008

Navigating an end

I've been thinking a lot lately on how the next two months are going to pan out. Yesterday we had an open house to get the place rented starting in August. I think we got it rented out, which is nice because I don't really want to clean in that detail again until I leave. But of course I'm now trying to figure out the time line for getting bills closed, and packing all my stuff, and leaving the country. I also did some financial planning and without a really banging job for the next two months I'm probably going to be putting the dream of travel outside of the Philippines on hold until after the Peace Corps. This is probably a good idea because it'll allow me a chance to see everything in the Philippines and maybe do some traveling with new friends.

Life lesson learned this week: Starting a new part of your life is fun; wrapping up the old part is tricky.

Great song.
Been listening to it a lot.


Loren said...

Travel outside of the Philippines is looking like a slim chance for me as well. Oh darn, we have to visit beautiful beaches on one of 7,107 islands we're going to? Shucks!

The Carrillo Journey said...

Congratulations on graduating!!! I saw on your facebook status that you are done. That's really awesome, a lot of people don't even have their undergraduate degree finished at 24 and you have an MAT as well! Congrats on the hard work and see you in 58 days!