Sunday, June 22, 2008

51 Days Away

In furthering my knowledge of the Philippines I was reading about some of the not so great aspects. The islands are frequented by typhoons (same as hurricanes), earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Most notably is yesterday typhoon that capsized and ferry carrying some 700 passengers. The BBC is covering the story. Pretty sad stuff.
I'm also working on getting my new backpack sent in. I'm looking at a 65 liter Dueter pack that'll hold about 3-4 days worth of stuff. Its pretty snazzy! The next big task is working out all this student loan stuff. I am not anticipating fun. Anyone already dealt with this?

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Hillary said...

Hi Justin,
I'm a PC Philippines volunteer, too - in the Education program. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in August in LA (just got my staging packet yesterday!)

The typhoon and ferry accident in the news recently was absolutely heartbreaking. Horrible and unnecessary loss of life. But I'm still very much looking forward to getting over there.