Thursday, July 3, 2008

Staging=Its actually real!

Yesterday, everybody in my program got our further set of instructions, called the staging kit. My staging will be August 13-16 and be in LA, which I didn't know until yesterday. There were a couple of other pieces of paperwork that needed to be filled out. More importantly, it awoke me from my post-graduation stupor. I'm starting to think that I should put some stuff in boxes....wait, wait I should go get some boxes--order of operations.

Staging looks like it is going to be a lot similar to RA training. Several hours in the morning of this topic, a lunch break, then some more talking about something else. Finish up at 8 or 9 and then crash. And its kinda sad, but i love things like that (when they're new). RA training got a little old after the 3rd year, but I can still remember the fun of all the group bonding and camaraderie. I guess I like the fact that everyone is new, and waiting to be discovered. I am 40 days away from a new set of friends, rivals, lovahs, and colleagues--could i be more excited? NO!

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