Thursday, July 31, 2008

12 Days

Sorry for the long delay, but I was busy getting myself together for the big move. I spent the bigger part of yesterday moving out of my apartment and into my little brother's bedroom. Except for a box of clothes, my two PC bags, and some other odds and ends my life has been packed away. I had some pretty good finds during the excavation of my room, including:
$42 in change
6 pairs of handbell gloves
My old passport- Thank goodness, I was worried I had lost all my cool stamps.

For the next 10 days will be sharing an 8 year old's bedroom, which is really a dining room. My family has a habit of buying houses that are one bedroom too small and converting the dining room into a bedroom. I spent most of high school in the dining-bedroom, and have come back to a similar chandelier-ed sleeping environment.

I've pretty much given up the dream of 40 hours of Tagalog training. The Rosetta Stone was really fun for a while. The idea of spending 20 hours of my last days in America clicking icons of cats and small children is just not appealing. I've gotten down the numbers, colors, and some basic verbage so I fell okay.

I have been watching this video. It is the Discovery Channel guy who goes places and eats the crazy food. NOT Anothony Bourdain!! As you can see I hate him a lot. Bourdain is a pretensious jerk who thinks that eating crazy stuff is bad-ass. The show I've been watching is hosted by a pleasant fat man named Zimmerman. Where Bourdain feels that eating animal testicles is a boo-yow to Western culinary traditions, Zimmermann sees it as an opportunity to experience a new culture. I'll take the more anthropological approach any day. If you'd like to see the more extreme end of what I'll be eating over the next two years please feel free to enjoy.

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