Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A good day

My new laptop came today! While I will love the new mobility it has to offer, I will miss the awesome processing power that my desktop has.

If that wasn't enough reason to be excited about today i stumbledupon (should that be stumbleupon-ed or just stumbled? either way if you're not stumbling you really should start) a great resource for any man. I've seen a few other sites where you are taught how to tie a tie. Many are mediocre. Gentleman Joe does a very good job showing each step and has the best pictures I've seen. It even has a know that I've not seen before. I just tied my first Pratt knot and it is pretty much amazing.

Can't decide which is better: computing options or sartorial know how.

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Loren said...

For some reason, my dad taught me how to tie a Half Windsor knot when I was like, 10. Because, obviously, his only daughter would need to know this. (And, as it was, I have used this knowledge on many, many male friends.)